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SugarWOD | Reign or Shine & Armor WOD

Reign Fitness & Performance's mission in building a fit and healthy community of amazing people will not stop as long as we can do something about it! The SugarWOD App helps us provide daily online programming for everyone to utilize.
  • Reign or Shine Programming: One bodyweight variation involving no equipment and another variation with minimal equipment.
  • Armor WOD: Accessory workouts to supplement your weekly fitness targeting weaknesses, lagging areas, and address imbalances.

    - You will find everything from muscle isolation exercises (bodybuilding style) to corrective exercise movements.

    - Do one or all the parts in the Reign Armor WOD.

    - Only time and your goals dictate how you supplement your daily workout.

    - Build your fitness, build your armor.

The goal of the SugarWOD app is to:
  • Provide even more value to you, our amazing Reign Family.
  • Help Build a platform that supplements and supports your fitness goals with tracking.
  • Give you an opportunity to best prepare for workouts.
  • Provide a platform for our Gym Family to build community and strengthen relationships.

SugarWOD is a FREE App for you that will allow you to:
  • See workouts as they are published, (day before)
  • Log scores and times to daily workouts along with seeing everyone else’s times/scores on an updated leaderboard. (Leaderboard will be for everyone at the gym not just in class.)
  • All workouts, weights used, and history will be tracked in the App For You
  • Build Community with everyone in the gym by fist bump interactions via app and commenting.
  • Prepare you for workouts by viewing movements that are involved in the workout, watching available videos, and utilizing your personal history for referencing weights (auto-populated based on movements you’ve done in previous workouts)
Basic Instructions To Get Started:

Download the FREE SugarWOD App (SugarWOD)
1.Join our gym’s page when prompted : Reign Fitness & Performance
2. Build your profile
3. Explore the app and it’s features.
You will be able to see Daily Workouts from the main page
Complete the workout and log your scores for personal tracking

Plan details

  • Unlimited visits