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Barbell Fundamentals | Part II (Non-Member)

$99 Purchase required to enroll
This workshop will cover everything you need to know for Barbell Classes and help you transition or incorporate this strength training into your fitness routine.

This is an opportunity to invest in your fitness under the watchful eye of a coach who can safely and effectively teach you the foundational principles of strength training with a Barbell.

Our goal is to not make you master any of these movements, you'll get all the opportunities to practice and progress in classes... Our goal is to give you confidence in your ability with the basic foundational elements of Barbell Strength Training.

It's no secret that Barbell Classes are a popular program at Reign Fitness but there is a slight stigma around who it can be good for. The reality is that everyone can benefit from barbell strength training and do it safely.

Plus it's so much fun!
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